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July 2012
Airase™ 8070 Deaerator

Deaerator for Spray Applied Water-Based Coatings

The problem of releasing entrapped air is particularly challenging in water-based coatings that are applied by airless or air-assisted spray techniques. Such spray techniques allow the coverage of large surface areas quickly and are typically used in conjunction with wood coatings (for example, in joinery/furniture) as well as with industrial coatings applied to metal, plastic and concrete.

The use of high pressures, high viscosity systems or thick coating layers leads to the entrapment of small air bubbles (often called “microfoam”) within the coating that are unable to escape before the final cure or drying of the film takes place. Airase 8070 deaerator is a proprietary formulated modified siloxane deaerator designed to eliminate microfoam and pinholing and leave a defect-free surface.

 Airase 8070 Deaerator

Airase 8070 deaerator is particularly suitable for coatings based on acrylic, modified acrylic, polyurethane dispersion, two-component polyurethane and epoxy binders. Airase 8070 deaerator is recommended for use in waterborne systems and other systems in which a solvent-free deaerator is desired. For specific use and formulation guidance, please call us at 800-345-3148 or 610-481-6799.

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