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July 2013

Defoamers and wetting agents for waterborne epoxy coatings and civil engineering applications

defoamers and wetting agentsWaterborne epoxy formulations offer environmentally friendly, high-performance and cost-effective systems with fast return to service for a variety of coating and civil engineering applications. However, water does not behave like conventional solvents. Since water does not solubilize polymers and has a high surface tension, different formulating strategies are needed to get the best out of your waterborne epoxy formulations.

The use of additives is often required to improve application and achieve optimal performance of these formulations. Air Products offers a wide range of additives to help reduce or eliminate foam, avoid defects caused by surface tension-driven flow, and help stabilize pigments and fillers to prevent flotation and flocculation when formulations are made or applied.

Air Products’ Surfynol® 420, Dynol™ 607, Dynol 810 and Dynol® 360 surfactants are highly effective at reducing surface tension of waterborne epoxy formulations to obtain superior film formation and performance, even on the most demanding substrates, including concrete and metal. Air Products’ broad portfolio of defoamers also provides a wide range of formulating options. These products offer an excellent balance of defoaming strength and film compatibility to achieve proper performance and aesthetic properties. For example, Surfynol DF-110D and Surfynol DF-62 defoamers can provide excellent performance while maintaining the excellent corrosion resistance and substrate protection in waterborne epoxy coatings. Surfynol DF-70 and DF-220 defoamers offer excellent foam control and pinhole-free surfaces while maintaining the flowability in self-leveling flooring. AirProducts’ ZetaSperse® dispersants can also be used for dispersing and stabilizing pigments in waterborne epoxy paints and coatings. For the optimum dispersant selection, please consult the Air Products FAZT tool at

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