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June 2012
Introducing ZetaSperse® 3600 pigment dispersing additive

A new broad utility aqueous dispersant for organic and carbon black pigments

Pigment dispersion presents continuing hurdles for the formulator due to changes in the regulatory environment, concerns about the EH&S profile of certain chemistries, the ongoing progression of performance improvements, and changes in style and perception. Our line of ZetaSperse® pigment dispersing additives was introduced to help customers resolve problems in preparing pigment dispersions. Whether it is eliminating viscosity build in quinacridones pigment dispersions (ZetaSperse® 3400 dispersant), achieving greater jetness in carbon black dispersions (ZetaSperse® 2100 dispersant), or overcoming color stability issues (ZetaSperse® 3700 dispersant), the ZetaSperse dispersant product line offers a range of superior technical solutions.

Specialty Additives Update
Today, we continue our commitment to supply technical solutions for the pigment dispersants market by introducing ZetaSperse 3600 dispersant, a new addition to the ZetaSperse additive family. Launched at the American Coatings Show in May (, ZetaSperse 3600 pigment dispersing additive was developed to provide reliable and easy-to-use performance across a broad range of pigment chemistries. It is particularly suitable when used to disperse globally sourced organic and carbon black pigment grades, offering the robust stabilization necessary to overcome variations in pigment treatments and quality. The ZetaSperse 3600 dispersant can offer a number of benefits, such as:

  • Easy-to-use performance across a broad range of pigment chemistries
  • Reliable dispersion stabilization without need for additional surfactant or dispersant chemistries
  • Robust performance with globally sourced pigment grades
  • Significant wetting and milling benefits, functioning as a grind aid during the milling process to optimize throughput and color development
  • Suitable for resin-free dispersions as the primary dispersant
  • Suitable for resinated systems as a grind aid or co-dispersant
  • An APE-free alternative to our popular Surfynol® CT-131 and CT-136 additives
  • Suitable for low-zero VOC formulation development
  • Global Regulatory Listings (TSCA, DSL, AICS, ECL, EINECS, ENCS, PICCS, SEPA)

Choosing the best dispersant for your needs depends upon a number of variables, such as pigment chemistry, formulation, application, and performance needs. The ZetaSperse 3600 pigment dispersing additive was developed to help make that choice a little easier, offering reliable first-time performance for a wide range of pigment chemistries. For specific use and formulation guidance, please call us at 800-345-3148 or 610-481-6799.

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