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March 2013

Air Products’ Superwetters

Your formulation solution for difficult-to-wet substrates!

Applying water-based coatings on wood, plastic or oily metal substrates can be a nightmare since highly porous wood grains as well as low-surface-energy polymers and greases are extremely difficult to wet. However, you can count on Air Products’ family of organic superwetters to help enable wetting of these most demanding substrates.

Superwetters are surfactants with unique structures that allow them to efficiently adsorb and pack at interfaces. As a result, incorporating a superwetter, like Air Products’ Dynol™ 800, Dynol 810, Dynol 607 or Dynol® 360 surfactants, can provide the formulator with fast wetting times and low contact angles on low-surface-energy substrates. These organic superwetters are great alternatives to silicone and fluorosurfactants because they can lower equilibrium surface tension and provide extremely low dynamic surface tensions—a critical property in demanding applications such as spray- and curtain-applied coatings and high-speed printing inks.

Dynol 800 surfactant provides an excellent balance of low-foam dynamic wetting, including exceptional performance in wood, plastic and automotive coatings, allowing the formulator to reduce both equilibrium and dynamic surface tension to levels not achieved with other organic surfactants.

Dynol 810 surfactant, specifically designed for waterborne printing inks, overprint varnishes and plastic film substrates, is an excellent alternative for difficult-to-wet substrates requiring good flow and leveling under diverse application conditions.

Dynol 607 surfactant is the most water-soluble and formulation-compatible of these organic superwetters and can help provide a balance of good dynamic wetting and solubility.

Dynol 360 surfactant is a high-performance, nonionic, low-foam superwetting and coalescing surfactant that also enables the formulator to achieve lower minimum film formation temperature (MFFT) with much less volatile coalescing solvent present; thus, high-performing, zero-VOC coatings can be achieved.

Air Products’ range of organic superwetters offers premium surface tension reduction, improved formulation compatibility and ease of incorporation without the addition of APEs, HAPs or VOCs. Let us help you wet those most difficult substrates while minimizing foam.

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