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May 2011
Air Products’ High-Performance Grind Aids for Architectural Coatings—Stretching Your TiO2 as Far as It Will Go!

Today’s architectural coatings manufacturers are striving for improved performance at lower costs. This balance is difficult to reach, but it can be achieved by using a high-performance grind aid to efficiently wet and mill TiO2 and fillers to the finest particle size possible. With this feat accomplished, you can produce a coating that provides excellent surface coverage, hiding, and durability at reasonable cost. For decades, Air Products has been a leader in grind aid technology. We offer unique alkylphenol ethoxylate (APE)-free grind aids that provide the range of performance needed in all types of architectural coatings formulations:

  • Carbowet® DC01 surfactant is the lowest foam and most hydrophobic grind aid in our line. When added during the initial milling stage, it can provide the dynamic wetting and foam control needed to reduce TiO2 particle size, thus enabling the formulator to improve visual opacity or lower TiO2 use levels to achieve the same opacity.
  • Carbowet 13-40 surfactant is our most hydrophilic grind aid. It is also zero VOC by US EPA Method 24 and can provide the stabilization and viscosity control needed to efficiently produce high solids grinds. Improved freeze-thaw and viscosity stability, good gloss control, contrast ratio (opacity) and tint strength, plus compatibility with a wide variety of universal colorants and colored pigments, are just some of the additional benefits of using this grind aid.

Remember, eliminating APE-containing grind aids and replacing them with environmentally preferable alternatives doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can increase formulation performance, minimize reformulation time and effort, and keep your formulation costs under control with additives from Air Products.

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