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November 2012

Effective defoaming, great flow and high-quality surfaces for drymix mortars

Introducing Surfynol® MD-610S powder defoamer

Whether formulating self-leveling compounds, repair mortars, tile grouts, or other drymix mortar formulations, effective defoamers are needed to help provide consistent air content and quality.

Air Products’ new Surfynol MD-610S defoamer is a free-flowing, low-dusting powdered additive for use in drymix formulations. This defoamer can work efficiently with all superplasticizer and water-reducing technologies, including polycarboxylate ethers (PCEs), for fast, long-lasting defoaming. The Surfynol MD-610S defoamer can also help improve the flow and surface appearance of self-leveling compounds and give long-term, persistent performance in drymix formulations.

Surfynol MD-610S powder defoamerDon't take our word for it. See for yourself with technical data and a free sample. Call 1-800-345-3148.





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