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November 2013

Additives for dispersions: wetting agents, grind aids and dispersants

Formulation of an optimal dispersion can be a daunting task, but the addition of an Air Products additive can quickly improve your formulation’s performance to enable you to achieve your targets. While dispersants provide the primary stabilization in a dispersion, additional surface-active additives are often used in a formulation to enhance performance. Our Surfynol®, Carbowet®, ZetaSperse®, and Airase® product lines provide a wide range of surface-active additives that can offer superior performance benefits in aqueous dispersions—these can be grouped into four basic categories: low-foam dynamic wetting agents, grind aids, stabilizing surfactant dispersants, and defoamers. The characteristics of the first three categories are illustrated in the table below.

wetting agents, grind aids, and dispersants 

Learn more about our extensive line of defoamers at And remember, we have a full range of performance-enhancing additives that can enable formulators to achieve the desired dispersion properties.

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