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November 2014

Air Products Problem Solvers for Architectural Coatings 

Did you know that some Air Products surfactants can be used to reduce VOCs and minimum film formation temperatures (MFFTs)?
> Traditional surfactants only reduce surface tension
Try Surfynol ADO1 and Dynol 360 surfactants
> They reduce surface tension
> Aid in full coalescence
> And enable the use of less co-solvent

Did you know that Air Products’ wetting agents can also be used to control foam?

> Many surfactants stabilize foam
Try Surfynol AD01, 420 and 440 surfactants do not stabilize foam. They provide dynamic surface tension reduction and act as defoaming wetting agents.
> If higher water solubility and greater system
    compatibility is desired, try Surfynol 465, 485 and
    PSA-336 surfactants


Did you know that ZetaSperse dispersants work well for colorant tinting systems?
> They can be used for in-plant or point-of-sale
Try ZetaSperse 2500 and 3600 dispersants for general utility organic pigments
Try ZetaSperse 2500 and 3700 dispersants for specialty organic pigments
Try ZetaSperse 3100 and 3600 dispersants for inorganic and carbon black pigments

Did you know that Carbowet Grind Aids can make your pigment process more efficient?
Try our Grind Aids – Carbowet GA-100, 210, 211, or 221 surfactants
> Improve milling time
> Increase hiding power
> Better color


Did you know that Air Products offers a simple way to select the optimal defoamer?
Try Air Products Airase SSDL 5000 series defoamers
> These defoamers span the range of strong to weak
> Simply match your formulation compatibility needs
    to our product selection scale
> And quickly narrow your product selection choice for
    the optimal defoamer

Did you know that Air Products offers deaerators for applications prone to large amounts of air entrapment and microfoam?
Try Airase 8070 a modified siloxane dearator
> Designed to eliminate foam, pin holes, and popping
    in water-based coatings applied by airless,
    air-assisted or HLVP spray technologies


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