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October 2011
How to formulate with Surfynol® and Dynol™ Surfactants

Specialty Additives Update October
Air Products’ Surfynol, and Dynol surfactants are unique additives that can provide a multitude of benefits in applications like coatings, inks, pigment manufacture and dispersion, paper coatings, adhesives, agricultural chemicals, metalworking fluids, and construction chemicals.

The benefits brought to water-based formulations containing these surfactants can include improved wetting (due to reduced surface tension), defoaming/deairentraining, reduced viscosity and improved color development. The efficiency of Surfynol and Dynol additives as surface tension reducers and defoamers stems in part from their limited solubility in water. These surfactants are often used at levels well above their solubility limitations in pure water—use levels can range from 0.05% to 3%.

There are variables and recommendations to consider to help you properly incorporate our surfactants into your systems. A variety of these suggestions can be found in our formulating guide, “How to formulate with Surfynol® Surfactants,” which explains several things you should take into account with our Surfynol products. These suggestions can also be applied to our other surfactant offerings. For a copy, go to

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