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Specialty Additives Update

October 2014

Stay one step ahead with Air Products for Architectural Coatings

Presenting our NEW Specialty Additives Architectural Brochure and Specialty Additives Architectural Selection Chart! We made it easy!

With our unique and extensive line of high performance wetting agents, defoamers, and pigment dispersion additives, you can easily find the right additive to improve your architectural coating performance. These additives can improve existing coatings and optimize new formulations while helping you comply with various environmental regulations and meet and other market needs.

Architectural Coating Formulation Challenges and Specialty Additives
Air Products understands that there are many important properties to achieve when developing architectural paint. The formulating challenge, to obtain the best balance of properties, can be daunting when you consider this list of product requirements:

  • Low/no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs)
  • Colorant compatibility
  • Substrate wetting; flow and leveling
  • Ease and consistency of application (rheology control, sag and spatter resistance, etc.)
  • Dry time, open time and block resistance
  • Lack of foam and pinholes
  • Film formation temperature
  • Adhesion and recoatability
  • Appearance (color, opacity, gloss, leveling, uniformity of finish)
  • Stain resistance, stain removal, washability
  • Scrub and burnish resistance

Specialty Additives

With the development of new waterborne polymer systems and other technologies to help products comply with tighter environmental regulations, obtaining the combination of desired properties for specific applications and formulations becomes even more challenging and complex. Air Products’ specialty additives can help obtain favorable results.

Our NEW Specialty Additives Architectural Brochure provides an in-depth look at our comprehensive product line, includes detailed product descriptions and even offers Product Selection Guides to enable you to select products based on your specific formulation parameters and performance requirements.

Our NEW Specialty Additives Architectural Selection Chart is an easy tool for evaluating the best additive choices and offers recommendations for your specific formulation needs.

To download the brochure and chart, please visit:

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