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September 2013

Solve your dispersion problems FAZT with ZetaSperse® dispersants

specialty additivesWhether you are looking for the perfect dispersant for use in a resin-free or a resin-containing system or simply looking for additives to take your dispersion to the next level of performance, Air Products has the solution for you.

ZetaSperse dispersants for resin-free systems encompass a range of products developed to provide effective stabilization of pigments and particles in aqueous systems. We offer specific high-performance dispersants for use with organic, carbon black and inorganic pigments. Our new, enhanced FAZT—Formulator Assisting ZetaSperse Tool—can help you quickly find the right dispersant for your pigment dispersion formulation. The tool can provide product recommendations and starting point formulations for over a thousand different specific pigment grades in our database. FAZT is accessible online at from your mobile or desktop devices.

Air Products also offers a family of dispersants for resin-containing systems that can overcome the hurdles of optimizing resin-containing dispersions. These products can provide steric stabilization characteristics that can result in performance synergies, such as lowering dispersion viscosities, improving stability, and increasing resistance to letdown shock and other incompatibilities.

While dispersants provide the primary particle stabilization, additional additives for dispersions are often used in a formulation to enhance performance. Air Products also offers a range of additives that can enable formulators to achieve the desired dispersion properties such as:

  • Grind aids like our Carbowet® GA series grind aids, which are optimized surfactants used to improve milling efficiency.
  • Dynamic wetting agents that can rapidly wet the most hydrophobic powders and provide extensive deaeration prior to milling, a critical complement to the first step of the dispersion process.
  • Defoamers that include our unique molecular defoamers as well as the more traditional siloxane and organic oil-based defoamers to inhibit or eliminate foam.

FAZTWe are now proud to offer a new brochure that highlights our full product offering and includes a dispersants selection guide as well as formulation charts to help you determine the right performance enhancing additives for dispersion formulation optimization.

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