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How Can I Prevent Edge Retraction in Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Paints?


Jim Reader
Lead Chemist

Edge retraction is a surface tension driven flow effect that causes the still liquid paint to shrink away from edges as the paint cures. Differences in surface tension between the paint at the edge of the coating and the rest of the formulation are strong enough to make the paint flow back into the center as the paint tries to reduce its surface area and energy.

Superwetters like Dynol™ 960 and 980 Surfactants act by both effectively wetting the floor substrate and minimizing surface tension differences on the paint surface to prevent flow. This stops the edge retraction and helps prevent other surface tension related defects such as fisheyes and orange peel.

Dynol™ 960 and 980 Surfactants are low viscosity, easy to handle liquids that do not contribute to paint VOC or emissions. They also do not affect the pot life, cure profile or hardness of the epoxy formulations.

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