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This Resource Center is a way to share some of that knowledge. It's your resource to the latest Paints/Coatings information, including trade shows and other events, articles and publications, plus technical papers and case studies, and much more about our current offerings and new developments.

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Videos/Narrated Presentations (28)

Formulator Assisting ZetaSperse® Tool (FAZT) Demo (4:42)

New Polyamides Based on Novel Amine Technology (4:55)

Ancamide® 2634 Curing Agent: High Barrier Properties at Low Cost (6:56)

Ancamide® 2652 Curing Agent: New polyamide technology for marine and maintenance applications (3:26)

Ancamine® 2579 Epoxy Curative: Best-in-class yellowing resistance while maintaining performance properties from conventional cycloaliphatic polyamine. (4:17)

Ancarez® AR555 Epoxy Resin (6:16)

A New Environmentally Friendly Wetting Agent for Architectural Coatings (10:22)

Anquamine® 287 Curing Agent: For use in cementitious epoxy flooring (7:37)

Anquamine® 287 Epoxy Curative: Unique, waterborne dual-use technology for curing compound and primer applications on green concrete. (9:55)

Anquamine® 701 Epoxy Curative: Waterborne curative with excellent adhesion to green concrete that is water vapor permeable. (8:49)

Anquamine® 721 Curative: For waterborne epoxy floor coatings (100-200um) for light to medium duty applications. (5:52)

Anquamine® 735 Curing Agent: Waterborne Curing Agent for Thick Film Applications (12:27)

Anquawhite™ 100 Epoxy Curative: Cycloaliphatic performance in a waterborne curing agent. Nonyellowing, stain-resistant and easy to handle. (6:26)

APE-Free Additives for Environmentally-Preferable Coating Formulations (12:06)

Carbowet® Surfactants: APE-Free Surfactants for Architectural Coatings (9:03)

Carbowet Surfactants: Replacement of APEs in Coatings Applications (6:34)

EnviroGem® 360: A Performance Enhancing Additive for Low VOC Coatings (11:50)

Epoxy Flooring Systems (6:54)

Epoxy Spray Coating Operations (6:03)

Epoxy Spray Lay-Up Systems (8:22)

Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings (9:08)

Hybridur® 870 and 878 Polymer Dispersions (5:47)

Improved Performance in Coatings for Plastic Substrates (10:03)

Low VOC Formulations: Low VOC Additive Options for Enhancing Performance (12:17)

Material Safety Data Sheets (11:12)

New Compatible Defoamers for Paints and Coatings (19:41)

New Pigment Dispersing Additives for High Performance with Problematic Pigments (10:59)

Zero VOC, APE-Free Wetting Agent (13:38)

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Whitepapers (19)

"Beyond Green: A toolbox for uncompromised industrial flooring" PPCJ May 2013

Download (199 KB)

2K Waterborne Epoxy Systems: Technology Overview and New Developments

Download (465 KB)

Combining epoxy and polycarbamide technologies for high performance industrial flooring systems – Part 1

Download (Page)

Combining epoxy and polycarbamide technologies for high performance industrial flooring systems – Part 2

Download (Page)

Biodegradation and Toxicity Information: Surfynol® Surfactants

Download (36 KB)

Crosslinking for Coatings: Meeting the Challenges

Download (545 KB)

Driving Forces in Waterborne Epoxy Technologies

Download (324 KB)

High Performance, Cost Effective Waterborne Epoxy Coatings Concrete Protection

Download (250 KB)

How to Formulate with Surfynol Surfactants

Download (35 KB)

Innovative Polyamide Technology Delivering Long Overcoat Window

Download (157)

New Developments in 2K Waterborne Epoxy Coatings

Download (318 KB)

New Water-Based Amine Technology for Epoxy Application over Green Concrete

Download (544 KB)

Novel Epoxy Curing Agents Meet Demands of Decorative and Construction Markets

Download (484)

Novel TETA-Free Polyamides for 2K Epoxy Systems

Download (422 KB)

Surfynol 104S Additive, A Non-yellow Degassing Agent for Powder Coatings

Download (35 KB)

Surfynol 2502 Surfactant in Interior Wood Coatings

Download (49 KB)

Surfynol CT-111 Grind Aid for Architectural Coatings

Download (65 KB)

Surfynol Surfactants Multifunctional Problem Solvers in Waterborne Wood Coatings

Download (405 KB)

Waterborne epoxies—a practical, economic solution to low emission industrial floorings

Download (450 KB)
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Formulator Assisting ZetaSperse® Tool (FAZT) DemoFormulator Assisting ZetaSperse Tool / FAZT

Formulator Assisting ZetaSperse Tool / FAZT (4:42)

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