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Hydrogen Fuel Safety

All fuels are combustible, including hydrogen. However, hydrogen's combustion properties are different from other fuels. When guidelines for its safe storage, handling and use are observed, hydrogen can be handled as safely as other fuels.

Air Products has an unsurpassed safety record in the safe production, storage, handling and distribution of hydrogen and other gases. We have earned more safety-related awards than any other industrial gas company and have taken a leadership role in supporting the hydrogen fuel community in the safe use of hydrogen.

Safety and Handling Information

Safety and handling information can be found in the Hydrogen Material Safety Data Sheets and Safetygrams.

Hydrogen Safety Training Programs

Air Products has many years of experience in the production and handling of hydrogen. We offer a variety of hydrogen safety training programs based on that experience. Participation in these programs will help you obtain a range of information from general hydrogen handling and safety to more detailed instruction on how to safely handle, design and operate hydrogen systems.

Available Courses

Common Misconceptions

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