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Airase SSDL Defoamer
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  Airase™ SSDL™ defoamers
Introducing the Structured Siloxane Defoamer Line (SSDL) defoamers

Whether your goal is reducing production or application foam, eliminating microfoam or defects caused by other defoamers, the structured approach offered by Airase SSDL defoamers can quickly help you find a solution.

The Airase SSDL defoamers are a line of formulated, siloxane based defoamers for coatings, inks, adhesives and other industrial specialty applications. These defoamer products have been designed to have predictable performance relative to each other to allow formulators to take a systematic approach to defoamer selection. Each product in this line has a different balance of defoaming strength and formulation compatibility for optimal defoaming performance in different formulations.

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Airase Defoamers
Airase defoamers
Introducing the SSDL defoamers (5.25 MB)

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