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  Hydrogen: Fuel of the Future Today
Beyond traditional steam methane reforming of hydrogen for refineries, Air Products also is involved in a number of projects to produce hydrogen energy from renewable feedstocks. And, we've engineered over 130 fueling stations globally—more than any other company–in support of a potential future hydrogen economy. Cars, trucks, vans, buses, scooters, forklifts, locomotives, planes, cell towers, material handling equipment, and even submarines have been fueled with trend-setting technologies that involve Air Products' know-how, equipment and hydrogen. Use of the company's technology is increasing and is currently at over 350,000 hydrogen fills per year.


hydrogen car
Hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles that turn hydrogen into electricity are non-polluting, quieter and up to three times more efficient than gasoline and diesel engines. Air Products is a leader in developing the hydrogen infrastructure required to fuel these new vehicles.
Read about our H2 supply offerings and systems for vehicles and buses.

Material Handling

material handling
Some of the world's best known companies are using forklifts powered by our hydrogen and hydrogen fueling systems in their warehouses and distribution centers. Find out why Sysco, Fedex, Bridgestone, Nestle Waters and Wegmans, among many others look to Air Products for clean energy solutions.
Read about our unique projects. Watch a forklift fueling and learn more about the benefits of using Air Products' material handling technology.

Educating Our Future Leaders

Did you know that hydrogen makes up 90 percent of the known universe and is the third most abundant element on Earth?

HydroJenTM—brought to you by Air Products—serves as your guide to the exciting world of hydrogen. She makes learning about hydrogen-powered vehicles fun and easy especially for young people. For teachers—who knows? Whether you're teaching fifth-grade general science or advanced electrochemistry, one of tomorrow's leading hydrogen and fuel cell experts may be sitting in your classroom today!
Visit our hydrogen future today website and learn something new.

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Orange County Sanitation District
Orange County Sanitation District
  Epitome of Sustainability: Human waste to hydrogen, electricity and heat  
Bringing H2 to London's Streets
bringing h2 to london's streets
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