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Air Products’ full range of high-performance and industry standard gases for high-quality welding and cutting production can give you better metal fabrication results, no matter how demanding the application. MAXX gases deliver the highest levels of performance—including better weld quality and faster welding speeds—to help maximize productivity, reduce rejects and improve your working environment.

Ferromaxx™ gases
for faster, cleaner welding of carbon steel

Inomaxx™ gases
provide maximum performance for welding stainless steel

Alumaxx™ gases
a multipurpose gas specifically designed for high-quality welding of aluminum and its alloys

MAXX gases are provided in traditional bulk supply as well as microbulk solutions, a cost-effective alternative to cylinder supply. Microbulk supply eliminates the need to reorder cylinders or packs, as well as cylinder-handling and changeover. With microbulk solutions, gas is always on-tap, gas purity is more consistent and shielding gas mixtures can be produced on-site.

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The Symphony of WeldingSM
electronic spotlight

Our MaxxTM gases deliver a quality weld that both looks and sounds good