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N2 solutions
N2 solutions
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Chemical Processing

  Many processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and life science industries require low temperatures, often below –40°C. Typical applications include reaction and process cooling, VOC/solvent recovery, grinding, lyophilization, and cryopreservation. Air Products’ advanced cryogenic technologies use the unique properties of liquid nitrogen (LIN) to provide an economical, simple way of cooling for such applications.

The end result for you? Benefits that range from increased productivity to reduced environmental impact. Our experienced engineers can use their knowledge of your industry and application to provide a technology solution to meet your specific needs.

reaction PolarFitTM Reaction Cooling
Provides fast, precise, flexible, low-cost cooling of advanced synthesis reactions
PolarFitTM reaction cooling systems
Download PDF (105 KB)
Liquid Nitrogen Reaction Cooling
Download PDF (1,275 KB)

grinding PolarFitTM Grinding and Milling
For high-quality, ultra-fine particles that are uniformly sized
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process cooling PolarFitTM Process Cooling
Customized cooling solutions that increase productivity and quality
PolarFit Cooling Systems for Powders
Download PDF (920 KB)
Flexible Cooling
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solvent recovery Cryo-Condap® Solvent Recovery
Enables economic recovery and abatement of volatile organic compounds
Condensation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – when and how . . .
Download PDF (1,010 KB)
Making solvent recovery more cost-effective
Download PDF (63 KB)
Cryo-Condap technology, for cryogenic recovery and abatement . . .
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lyophilization Cryogenic Cooling for Lyophilization
Provides improved performance and reliability with lower capital investment
Gas solutions for the biotechnology and life science industries . . .
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cryopreservation CryoEase® Nitrogen Solutions for Cryopreservation
Cost-effective delivery eliminates cylinder swapping and residual product loss, provides remote monitoring
Gas solutions for the biotechnology and life science industries . . .
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CryoEase Solutions for Medical Oxygen and Nitrogen
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