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  Iron and Steel Case Studies
Updating cupola technology pays for itself in savings
Air Products' oxygen tuyere injection system dramatically reduces coke costs for company with large iron cupola.

Soaking pit furnace sees outstanding savings
Flame/furnace interaction and control now possible with the Air Products Uniform Heating Oxy-fuel Burner—delivers 68% fuel savings and 8% faster cycle times.

Cupola operator re-thinks old coke substitution rates
With the help of Air Products, a cupola operator evaluates ways to improve the efficiency and profitability of their process through oxygen enrichment and reduced coke usage.

Getting to the right solution for a rotary hearth furnace
With a thorough understanding of the furnace operations, Air Products engineers identify bottlenecks and develop a customized solution to deliver results.

Ductile-iron-foundry gets help when coke prices skyrocket
By modifying proven technology, Air Products maximizes coke saving for a ductile iron foundry.

RFQ analysis saves steel mills time and money
Going beyond just bidding on a job, Air Products applications engineers identify ways to help potential customers find not just a supply option, but the best supply option for their application.

Solving steel casting issues
Stop casts and downgraded material are overcome with technical assistance and solutions from Air Products.

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