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Tomakleen G-12 Additive
Tomakleen G-12 Additive
Try Tomakleen G-12 additive today. See how your formulation can go to the next performance level.
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  Tomakleen G-12 additive is part of the next generation in Air Product’s cleaning portfolio. Tomakleen G-12 additive works with your base surfactant to deliver exceptionally fast cleaning while reducing or even eliminating solvents. Stop struggling to meet increasingly stringent VOC regulations or settling for industry-norm cleaning performance. Let our next generation product help you create your next generation cleaner. Tomakleen G-12 additive is a water-soluble alternative to glycol ethers and other oxygenated solvents. By using Tomakleen G-12 additive at a fraction of the use level of solvent, lab tests show performance improvement for industrial cleaners and degreasers, all purpose cleaners, hand dish soap and vehicle care products. Use this web page to request a sample, review the test results, or contact us to discuss your specific application. We’ve also included some formulating tips to get you started.

Tomakleen G-12 Additive Technical Data Sheet
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Formulating Tips
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Tomakleen G-12 Additive MSDS

The Tomakleen G-12 Additive Advantage

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