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See how the wave soldering effects solder reflow in SMT printed circuit board assembly.
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See what nitrogen can do in your wave soldering process.
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  Whether your system uses new or existing soldering equipment, Air Products' Inert Wave Soldering is optimized to reduce your cost of ownership by increasing joint quality and decreasing manufacturing costs. Through extensive research both in-house and with our customers, we've optimized our proprietary system to deliver results. Leading electronics assembly companies around the world have achieved a 10% increase in productivity, enhanced quality, better first pass yields, and improved process savings. Through its efficient use of nitrogen, inert wave soldering technology enables customers to reduces dross, lower maintenance and cleaning costs, and significantly increase soldering joint quality. Flux consumption is also decreased, reducing solder/dross waste disposal and eliminating post-soldering cleaning. These results all add up to one thing – a lower cost of ownership for your wave soldering process.


Inert Wave Soldering
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Expertise, Technology and Gases: A Total Solution for the Global Electronics Packaging, Assembly and Test Industry
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apex expo Christine DongHear Christine Dong's technical paper presentation summary, A Cost Effective and User Friendly N2 Inerting Technology for Lead-Free Wave Soldering.
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Watch Christine's technical paper presentation from APEX and download her slides.
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