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New! PRISM hydrogen generator range is expended
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Talk to Air Products about the latest systems for mid-range on-site hydrogen production

Air Products has extended its PRISM® hydrogen generator product line for on-site gas productionto supply requirements up to 5,000 cubic meters per hour (4.56 million cubic feet per day). The generators are highly-efficient, using less natural gas than other processes, and a modular design enables quick installation and start-up.

This new mid-range product line, which is available globally, enhances Air Products’ offerings to the following industries:

  • Chemical processing
  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Electronics
  • Metals processing
  • Biofuels

Supply options to cost-effectively meet your needs

As a global leader in hydrogen supply, Air Products is ready to work with you to find the best solution for your unique requirement. Our engineers will recommend the most efficient and cost-effective supply mode based on your volume, pressure, purity level, flow rate and operating pattern. If on-site gas generation is the right option for you, we can operate and maintain the plant or will sell the generators to customers who choose to own and operate their own equipment.

supply options

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Technologies and technical support

Air Products also can provide technical support to help improve process efficiency, optimize gas usage, and improve safety.

  • Computational modeling services
  • Engineering design
  • Cryogenic hydrogen compressor system
  • Hydrogenation consulting services
  • Hydrogen usage optimization audits
  • Safety training and services


PRISM Hydrogen Generation Systems
A global leader in gas generation and purification, Air Products’ PRISM Hydrogen Generation Systems can deliver reliable and cost-effective gas to help you meet your needs.
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PRISM Hydrogen Generators Overview, Benefits and Applications
PRISM hydrogen generators overview
Air Products’ hydrogen on-site generation offerings
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