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Add oxygen. You'll burn alternative fuels more consistently. Watch your profits heat up.
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Alternative fuels can significantly reduce your plant operating costs and help you meet your sustainability targets. However, their low heating value and variations in composition can create a challenge for kiln operators to achieve production and quality targets.

Our customers cite six key benefits of our oxygen enrichment technology:

  1. Increased alternative fuel substitution
  2. Lower specific energy requirement, reducing fossil fuel consumption
  3. Reduced demand on the air circuit, improving residence times and reducing emissions
  4. Improved kiln stability, resulting in more consistent product quality and production
  5. Operators can recover from temperature excursions more easily and quickly
  6. Improved control of CO and THC emissions

All of these help lower operating costs and improve profitability!


Enhancing Combustion Systems with Oxygen
Article reprint from World Cement, February 2015
pdf Download PDF (336 KB)
Breathing Life into Fuel Use
Article reprint from International Cement Review, August 2013
pdf Download PDF (2.4 MB)
Oxygen Economics
Article reprint from International Cement Review, May 2011
pdf Download PDF (160 KB)
Enhanced Combustion of Alternative Fuels at Steetley Dolomite
Article reprint from Global Cement Magazine, February 2010
pdf Download PDF (2.5 MB)
The Power of Oxygen
Article reprint from World Cement, March 2009
pdf Download PDF (331 KB)
When to Enrich the Kiln?
Article reprint from International Cement Review, January 2009
pdf Download PDF (206 KB)
Enhanced Combustion
Article reprint from International Cement Review, September 2007
pdf Download PDF (890 KB)

Case Study
Oxygen-Enhanced Combustion for Optimised Kiln Performance
Steetley Dolomite Case Study
pdf Download PDF (250 KB)

Oxygen-Enhanced Cement Production
Air Products data sheet
pdf Download PDF (359 KB)

Advanced Clean Energy Laboratory
Air Products data sheet
Download PDF (1.1 MB)

News Release
Air Products Commissions New Combustion Lab with Focus on Clean Energy →
Air Products' Oxygen Enrichment for Cement and Lime Manufacturing Receives "Technology of the Year" Award at Global Fuels Conference in Malaysia →

Inventing New Combustion and Gasification Offerings for Today and the Future
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5th global fuels conference and exhibition
GWP savings can be further improved through O2 enrichment
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