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Advancing Innovation at SEMICON West 2014

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Advancing materials technology

You need to reach your technology and performance targets faster today than yesterday, and even faster tomorrow. To do that, you need more than a materials supplier. You need a technology partner. A company who understands materials science and has the commitment, know-how, and resources to stay with you as the industry moves forward.

You need Air Products.
Air Products is a leading global supplier of high-purity gases and materials, and delivery systems, supplied to the electronics industry. We serve all the major segments of the industry with a unique combination of offerings, experience, and commitment.

What can we help you advance?
Air Products understands your needs. We understand where the industry is going. And we know how to deliver the materials and technology to get you there.

View our newly-released Age of Materials videos, showing how Air Products is Advancing Innovation in the semiconductor industry:

Advancing Innovation in the Age of Materials in the semiconductor industry
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Why should customers partner with Air Products?
Play → (3:27)
What are the trends driving the semiconductor industry?
Play → (5:02)
How is Air Products helping to advance innovation?
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How important is history to being a supplier to the semiconductor industry?
Play → (2:08)
How is Air Products collaborating with customers to develop next-generation materials?
Play → (4:48)
What makes Air Products a good partner for our customers?
Play → (1:34)
When it comes to materials, what are our customers’ biggest concerns and how are we addressing them?
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Advancing Innovation in Chemical Delivery
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Advancing Innovation in Gas Delivery
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Visit our website to find out more about how Air Products can help you!
Please visit the Air Products Electronics website. There you will be able to access complete, detailed listings of our products, equipment, and services, along with supporting MSDS/safety information, datasheets, videos and presentations for our product offerings.


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advancing innovation

Advancing Innovation

Advancing materials science (1:10)

Advancing innovation for tomorrow's consumer

Advancing Innovation for Tomorrow’s Consumer

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