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Advanced Materials and Delivery Systems — Materials Technology for Innovative Applications

As a reliable and sustainable supplier, Air Products offers a portfolio of high performance, advanced materials used in the IC and Display market segments. Advanced Materials and Delivery Systems was established within the Electronics Division to deepen customer relationships for driving technology innovation and accelerating our customer’s product introduction cadence.

By combining products and expertise within three of our key material segments, Air Products is positioned to provide innovative solutions in collaboration with our customers.

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Advanced Deposition Materials

  • Offering technology roadmap solutions for organosilanes, organometallics, liquid dopants, and other specialty chemicals
  • Utilizing our breadth of knowledge in precursor chemistry and thin film science for developing value-creating solutions that specifically address critical needs
  • Investing in state-of-the art PECVD and ALD deposition tools to rapidly screen and sample our customers with candidate films


  • Developing slurries and post-clean chemistries which address an assortment of challenges in advanced CMP applications
  • Providing local technical expertise in conjunction with our 300mm applications lab to assure smooth and successful product integrations
  • Delivering slurry blend and distribution equipment solutions to lower cost-of-ownership through enhanced tool uptime and product yields

Surface Preparation and Cleans

  • Providing solid, semi-aqueous and aqueous cleans for photoresist, residue and contamination removal for aluminum and copper back-end-of-line (BEOL) applications
  • Offering cleaning solutions that address all types of packaging including gold and copper wire-bonding, wafer level packaging with copper bumps and through-silicon via cleans
  • Supporting customers with a high level of responsiveness and technical experience to enable rapid learning cycles and introduction of advanced chemistry solutions

How Air Products creates value for customers:

  • We provide a reliable and sustainable supply, with proven product breadth and scalability
  • Our differentiated offerings provide enhanced technical performance at required cost-of-ownership
  • We provide a high level of responsiveness and technical expertise
  • By establishing an analytical center of excellence to assure consistency is maintained across supply chain
  • As a global supplier, we are well-versed in local and international safety and shipping regulations


Please take a moment to view our new video series: The Age of Materials. Our Advanced Materials and Delivery Systems platform managers comment on industry trends and the growing importance of materials suppliers to the semiconductor industry.

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