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Prepare today for APE legislation tomorrow
for APE legislation tomorrow. NEW! Carbowet 300 APE-free surfactant for resinated pirment dispersions.
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Many regions are restricting the use of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs) through regulation. While they’re not regulated to date in North America, sooner or later, this trend is likely to affect you. With this in mind, Air Products is pleased to offer our Carbowet 300 surfactant. Solvent and APE-free, this cost-effective surfactant offers improved dispersion and viscosity stability in resinated pigment dispersions where it functions as an environmentally preferable alternative to APEs and other surfactants used to provide color stability in printing inks and coatings.

Improved Viscosity Stability and Color Development
Air Products’ Carbowet 300 surfactant has been designed to achieve excellent wetting of hydrophobic materials leading to rapid incorporation of dry pigments and improved milling efficiency during the dispersion process. Formulating a stable dispersion is critical to your application performance as is the performance of the dispersion in your intended application. Formulating issues such as shock, flocculation, floating or flooding can develop when the pigment dispersion is let down into an ink or coating. The Carbowet 300 surfactant is designed to provide strong particle affinity and robust stabilization, which can minimize these problems in your system.

Carbowet® 300 Surfactant
Nonionic, Non-APE Wetting Agent for Resinated Pigment Dispersions
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Viscosity Stability of Raven 820 Dispersions
viscosity stability of Raven 820 dispersions
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