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CO2 drought

liquid nitrogenThis summer’s drought is going to put the squeeze on ethanol production, leaving CO2 users with very little supply. There’s really not very much CO2 in the air that you breathe. The CO2 you’re using is an industrial by-product! One of the primary sources for CO2 is ethanol production. No corn means no ethanol, which in turn means no CO2.

Don’t be at the mercy of the weather. Let Air Products convert your CO2 system to one that uses liquid nitrogen before it's too late and your CO2 supply dries up. Whether you’re freezing, chilling or injecting, liquid nitrogen can do everything that CO2 can do, and more! It’s easier to convert than you might think, and because liquid nitrogen is so much colder than CO2, you can get more out of the systems that you already have in place.

Data Sheet: Freshline® Liquid Nitrogen Injection Solution (LIN-IS)
A tailor-made temperature control system for coating, mixing and forming applications (177 KB)
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Comparison of liquid nitrogen and CO2 for food chilling and freezing applications (366 KB)
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