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world's largest hydrogen pipeline supply network
the world's largest hydrogen pipeline network delivers the world's most reliable hydrogen supply
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Air Products continues to break new ground in hydrogen supply.
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Project Overview
It’s the kind of massive project only a global leader would undertake.
Anticipating that hydrogen needs along the Gulf Coast of North America will increase in the years ahead, Air Products expanded its hydrogen supply network.

By building a 180-mile (290-km) pipeline that connects our existing Texas and Louisiana systems, we’ve united 22 hydrogen plants and 600 miles (965 km) of pipeline, with a total capacity of over one billion SCFD (1.3 million Nm3/hr).

So if an event disrupts operations on one side of the Gulf, hydrogen can keep flowing from the other, giving our refinery and petrochemical customers the reliable, uninterrupted supply they need. With this record-breaking network, Air Products continues to break new ground in hydrogen supply.

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Gulf Coast Hydrogen Pipeline System Overview
Gulf Coast Hydrogen Pipeline Expansion
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