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Air Products offers a broad portfolio of gas products, technologies, and engineering expertise that can help improve the productivity, economics, and safety of many refining, waste oil recycling and bioenergy processes. Whether you are involved with an existing operation or developing a new project, we can help. As one of the world's leading suppliers of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and other industrial gases and equipment, we can apply our know-how to help you be more successful.

Hydrogen Supply for Hydroprocessing
Air Products is the world's leader in on purpose hydrogen production. We have created a portfolio of hydrogen supply technology that includes a broad range of users from small to tonnage. The energy industries focus mainly on hydrogen for hydroprocessing. Air Products offerings for hydroprocessing include:

Nitrogen Supply
Nitrogen is the most common gas supplied to the energy industry as safety and quality of products may rely on its use. Common uses of nitrogen are:

Air Products offerings to support these applications include liquid nitrogen which we can supply at any pressure or volume, storage tanks, onsite generators, and necessary control equipment.

Additionally, Air Products developed its Nitrogen Optimization Program to help customers minimize the amount of nitrogen they need for their operations.

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Hydrotreatment Reactions
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