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Fundamental chip design is dramatically evolving with the use of new dielectric precursors to build transistors and capacitors in advanced devices. Technological breakthroughs produce transistors with record-breaking performance while consuming less power, and allow storage of huge amounts of data on ever smaller areas of silicon.

High-K Dielectrics

Using alternative High-K dielectric precursors rather than traditional silicon dioxide preserves the desirable high capacitance that is key to these devices' outstanding performance. Air Products Hf and Zr precursors have been fully tested with leading OEMs and IDMs and are already in High Volume Manufacturing (HVM). These precursors can be deposited as metal oxides or metal silicates in the latter case a suitable silicon precursor is also employed.

Ultra High-K Dielectrics

Further device miniaturization and performance enhancement requires the development of films with yet higher dielectric constraints, lower leakage and improved deposition properties. Air Products is ready to support your needs for:

Silicon Dielectrics

Thermal and plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (ALD) of silicon oxides and nitrides are critical to leading-edge device fabrication. These films are widely used (including gate and lithography spacers) among other applications. Air Products has led the way in the industrialization of these processes and precursors.

Electrodes and Conductors

Many of these High-K dielectrics require the use of electrode materials containing Ti, Ta, Ru and other metals. Contact us to find out what we can offer as electrode deposition precursors.

Phase Change Alloys

New technologies which store data through resistance changes are being developed and one of the most promising is PCRAM. This employs a special alloy such as GST and Air Products has developed precursors to enable deposition of these alloys by CVD or ALD.


Air Products offers a complete line of gas and chemical delivery systems featuring our GASGUARD® and ChemGuard® delivery systems. High-K and Ultra High-K precursors are often air sensitive and have low volatility, making the ChemGuard CG500 system especially appropriate for their delivery.

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