Case studies - Scientific proof

Systematic scientific studies carried out by the R&D team at Air Products have shown that Freshline® Superfresh delays different aspects of food deterioration after thawing. Across all tests, the Freshline® Superfresh method proved itself a promising solution for food processors looking to extend their products shelf life, reduce their costs, deal with seasonality and/or reduce waste.

Elements examined during the studies:

  • Physico-chemical reactions: Headspace gas composition, Surface color, Acidity, Lipid oxidation, Drip loss
  • Microbiological presence
  • Sensorial properties: general aspect, taste & texture
  • Other factors tested in some cases:
    - May be refrozen
    - Delamination
    - Frozen period (different durations)

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  • Raw chicken drumsticks
  • Paella
  • Lasagna Bolognese
  • Breaded chicken breast
  • Cod steaks
  • Grilled vegetables

Click here → to read the article covering more details about the process and a few examples of results.

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Introducing Freshline® Superfresh Solutions

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