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At our food lab, freezing is believing.
See the benefits of liquid nitrogen in actual product trials.

Invaluable support for your decision-making process.
In a competitive business environment of frequent product launches, it’s critical to determine the feasibility of preserving your products before capital costs are incurred. To help you make the most informed decision, we invite you to visit one of our global food labs and meet our specialists, who combine a wealth of food industry experience with plenty of creativity in using our liquid nitrogen technology in food applications. Our equipment is not laboratory or bench top, but commercial-scale equipment that allows you to see the exact benefit of using liquid nitrogen in your application with your product. Whether it’s superior quality, improving freezing efficiency, unique functionality, or cost savings, our food specialists can demonstrate and quantify the advantages of in-process cooling or finished product freezing or cooling with liquid nitrogen. Come collaborate with our people and technology for your next great invention.

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