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Freshline® Systems

Freshline QS Freezer

The Freshline QS (Quick Start) tunnel requires minimal upfront investment and is quickly and easily integrated into your existing or new products line, providing you with a flexible, low risk solution. It has been designed with simplicity and speed in mind.

Freshline QS cryogenic system

The Freshline QS freezer—A quick start to freezing for innovative food processors
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Freshline DM Freezer

The Freshline DM (dual mode) tunnel freezer has been designed with flexibility in mind. In today’s “just in time” production environment, the need to switch from processing one product to another puts time at a premium. The Freshline DM allows you to quickly and easily change from processing individually quick frozen (IQF) products to non-IQF products using the same equipment.

Freshline DM tunnel freezer

Freshline DM tunnel freezer—For fast and flexible freezing of both IQF and non-IQF products
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Freshline Sauce Chiller

The Freshline Continuous Sauce Chiller is a unique development which, by using the direct injection of liquid nitrogen into practically any liquid, chills the liquid food product within seconds, and permits the manufacturing process to run continuously.

Freshline sauce chiller

Freshline Continuous Sauce Chiller—Innovation Meets the Sauce Chilling Challenge
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Air Products’ liquid nitrogen injection solution (LIN-IS) is designed for fast, consistent and repeatable cooling in mixing and forming of frozen and chilled products. It can be retrofitted to new or existing systems. It’s a high performance temperature control system for you food blending, mixing, grinding, forming, tumbling, pumping and extruding processes.


Freshline LIN-IS (Liquid Nitrogen Injection Solution)—A tailor-made temperature control system for coating, mixing and forming applications
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