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Liquid Nitrogen Library

Read what others have to say about liquid nitrogen freezing and chilling—including our customers.

Articles and Reprints

White Paper
fresh ideasCold Feat: Choosing the Right Freezing Technology for your
Production Line
(Independent White Paper)
pdf Download PDF (131 KB)

fresh ideasThe Benefits of Nitrogen for food Processing
American Chemistry magazine—January/February 2010
pdf Download PDF (3.1 MB)

fresh ideasIndustrial Gases for the Food and Beverage Market
CryoGas International—August/September 2011
pdf Download PDF (77 KB)

fresh ideasNew Trends in Frozen Prepared Foods
CryoGas International—July 2012
pdf Download PDF (904 KB)

What People Are Saying about Freezing with Air Products’
Liquid Nitrogen Systems

Roy Hillman
“The system is easy to use and maintain. It took a little work to get it running exactly right, certainly. But turn it on and it goes. We couldn’t make this product without quick-freezing.”
Roy Hillman, Manager, Excellent Foods
pdf Download PDF (324 KB)
Joe Piperato
“We believe in cryogenic freezing because of the advantages of product quality. Cryogenic freezing is top-notch, and the benefits are long proven.”
Joe Piperato, President, J&G Foods
pdf Download PDF (410 KB)
Danna LeBlanc
“We develop solutions together with our customers to help them run their operations more efficiently. It’s about teamwork.”
Danna LeBlanc, Air Products Account Manager
pdf Download PDF (357 KB)
Mike Holten
“Air Products’ approach has strengthened our relationship. They are providing us with something on the cutting edge.”
Mike Holten, President, Holten Meat
pdf Download PDF (599 KB)

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