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Mission: Accomplished—Air Products' Process Management System Enhances Sintering Operation

When your mission is to deliver highly engineered, complex, high-quality powder metal products, the answer is in the details. The employee-owners at ASCO Sintering in Commerce, California enlisted the knowledge and capabilities of Air Products when looking to record those details and refine their quality control system. ASCO leveraged Air Products' extensive understanding of furnace operations and customized systems implementation to gain a firmer comprehension of their continuous sintering furnaces and integral quench and draw furnaces further downstream. Working closely together, Air Products put a process management system in place that allows ASCO to better understand their operation and the impact temperature has on rejects and rework by continuously measuring and recording zone temperatures in the furnaces. "This level of understanding has enabled us to focus our corrective action efforts, saving both time and money. In fact, we are looking to expand the process management system to include dew point and oxygen analysis," states ASCO's senior metallurgist Mark Opoku-Adusei, Ph.D. Read the full story to learn how Air Products' customized process management system can help you trace and organize your operation's data—and convert it into usable and useful information.

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