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Running Full Out— Air Products’ CryoEase® Microbulk Supply Enables Growth and Expansion at Ontario Laser

Ontario Laser Cutting, Inc. in Tillsonburg, Ontario was running around the clock—or at least trying to. At least twice a day, state-of-the-art laser cutting machines were sitting idle due to problems with its industrial gas supply. "Runouts and error outs were definitely impacting our productivity," states Larry Stuyt, president and owner of Ontario Laser. Looking to solve these challenges, Ontario Laser turned to Air Products. They recommended and installed CryoEase® microbulk tanks outside of Ontario Laser's building. Air Products' microbulk supply option is an excellent fit for customers like Ontario Laser who are looking for a cost-effective, reliable alternative to cylinders or dewars. Today, Ontario Laser is realizing many benefits from the microbulk supply. "Our biggest benefits have been in the cost of our industrial gas supply and ease of use," explains Stuyt. "We are now saving about $3,000 per month on our industrial gas cost, which is great!" The microbulk supply has also saved in employee time previously needed for cylinder unloading and change outs, as well as freeing up valuable production floor space. "With microbulk supply I have no worries," states Stuyt. "Since 2001, we have expanded our capabilities by 30%," says Stuyt, "and with Air Products' microbulk system, everything is in place for us to expand further." To learn more about the successes at Ontario Laser and see how microbulk supply could benefit you, check out the full story.

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