Freshline® Superfresh Benefits

Once preserved using Freshline® Superfresh, products can be stored in their frozen state. They can then be thawed and delivered on demand introducing a greater degree of flexibility to the logistics process. This can help you when dealing with peak season or specific production needs, resulting in cost savings with no compromise on food safety or quality.  

Thanks to this innovation if you are a frozen products producer you could benefit from the option of entering the fresh product market. If you already produce fresh products, you could use the method to benefit from buying raw materials when they are at their best, for future use on demand. You can also choose to apply this process only to a part of your product (ex ready meals)

Freshline® Superfresh can also be used to help develop new products or simply as a means of reducing food waste allowing you to support your sustainability goals.

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Video: Introducing Freshline® Superfresh Solutions

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Introducing Freshline® Superfresh Solutions

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