What is Freshline® Superfresh

Air Products Freshline® Superfresh is a new methodology developed as a result of systematic scientific studies.

This patented process combines cryogenic freezing → and MAP → in a specific way to extend the life and quality of food products available from chilled counters.

Air Products’ R&D team discovered that this process effectively slows down accelerated food deterioration occurring after thawing. It allows frozen thawed products to offer comparable quality, appearance and shelf life to a standard MAP chilled product, and in some cases tested, an even longer one! Also, for all products tested, when thawed under the right conditions, the end user can safely refreeze the product at home.

Freshline® Superfresh helps to satisfy consumers’ demand for fresh, wholesome and natural food.


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Video: Introducing Freshline® Superfresh Solutions

Jon Trembley

Introducing Freshline® Superfresh Solutions

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging is a proven method to extend the shelf-life of a food product.

Cryogenic freezing is among the fastest possibilities out there. Scientific studies have already proven the faster the freeze the better product quality.