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From oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, and hydrogen to medical and specialty gases to welding and cutting gases, Air Products enables customers in a myriad of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.  Click on the gas products on the left to find what you need to improve your operation.

Breathing Pure Helium is Dangerous!Breathing Pure Helium is Dangerous!

Breathing Pure Helium is Dangerous! (1:53)

an important safety message from Air Products

Doe Canyon Helium Plant

New Helium Plant in Doe Canyon, CO is on-stream

Helping to meet the worlds' growing helium demand

Quick and Seamless Tank ChangeoutsQuick and Seamless Tank Changeouts

Quick and Seamless Tank Changeouts (3:26)

The engineers providing tank services from Air Products ensure a smooth, easy tank changeout. This video details the tank change out process for industrial gas users.

MAXX Shielding GasesSymphony of Welding

Symphony of Welding (5:13)

Air Products' Maxx™ gases deliver a quality weld that both looks and sounds good. We call it the Symphony of Welding.


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