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Hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles that turn hydrogen into electricity are non-polluting, quieter and up to three times more efficient than gasoline and diesel engines.  Hydrogen fuel cell cars are the only option of the possible alternatives to gasoline powered cars (including battery electric cars), that have the potential to give the same range, peformance and refueling time of a conventional automobile.  Major automotive companies around the world have invested billions of dollars into the development of these vehicles, and recently announced their commitment to introduce commercial vehicles in the US, Japan, Germany and Korea in 2015.

Air Products has taken a leadership position in the development of the hydrogen infrastructure that will be required to fuel these new vehicles. We've developed a broad range of hydrogen supply and fueling infrastructure to enable the successful commercialization of these vehicles around the world.  Air Products has over 15 years of experience deploying these technologies, and will continue to develop products that will exceed our customers' expectations.


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