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Analytical Laboratory

High-purity solutions for the analytical laboratory include:

  • Microbulk argon for ICP
  • Microbulk nitrogen for GC-MS
  • Microbulk nitrogen (liquid) for thermal analysis, cryo-cooling and NMR
  • Microbulk CO2 for cell culture and bioreactors
  • Microbulk oxygen for bioreactors
  • Liquid helium (dewars) for NMR
  • High purity helium paks for GC carrier gas

Microbulk solutions portable tank options
Portable tank options with flexibility to end-use point offer these benefits:
  • Tanks filled on-site, no residual product loss returned to supplier
  • Tank remains on-site, eliminate risk of faulty tank operation and ensure consistent product quality
  • Accurate liquid level tank readings with digital gauge

Microbulk solutions installed tank options
Installed tank options include central supply piped to end-use point and offers the benefits of portable tank options, plus:
  • Eliminates cylinder handling and reduces instrument downtime
  • Frees up laboratory floor space
  • Telemetry ready, monitors contents remotely

Microbulk solutions—consistent gas supply and purity
When consistent gas supply and purity are critical to operation of your analytical instruments, microbulk supply offers these advantages:
  • Reduce costs vs. cylinders and dewars by billing only for what you use; no residual returned to supplier
  • Flexible install options less costly than site work required for bulk tank installation
  • Consistent gas purity eliminates risk of contamination for critical lab testing methods
  • Tank filled on-site vs. swapping full for empty cylinder or dewar
  • Reduce risk of safety incident with installed tank vs. cylinder and dewar movement
  • Manage gas supply remotely with telemetry monitoring system

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