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You can rely on our proven technology and understanding of your gas needs. Let's work together to see if we can optimize your gas supply with energy efficient and sustainable on-site gas production.

Videos/Narrated Presentations (13)

Is onsite hydrogen generation right for me? (1:16)

How difficult is it to install and start-up a PRISM Hydrogen Generator? (0:51)

How does Air Products ensure PHG safety? (0:47)

How does Air Products help ensure lowest operating cost in the market (0:52)

How does Air Products’ PHG achieve lower costs? (0:47)

How does Air Products provide support for the PHG system? (0:41)

How do you help achieve the lowest capital cost? (0:57)

How long does it take to start producing hydrogen after system is stopped? (1:09)

How much space is needed for a PRISM Hydrogen Generator? (0:47)

Is On-site Hydrogen Generation the right choice for you? (4:55)

On-site Gas Generation Systems (3:16)

Operational Excellence (3:10)

PRISM® Hydrogen Generators: Benefits, and Applications (6:27)

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Articles & Publications (13)

Air Products’ Oxy-fuel Integrated Solution Addresses New Environmental Regulations in Glass Manufacturing . . .

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Industrial Gases and Advanced Technologies for Primary Non-Ferrous Metals Production

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Korean Container Glass Manufacturer Cuts Emissions and Reaps Production Benefits

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Powerhouse Hydrogen

PRISM Cryogenic Oxygen Generators

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PRISM Hydrogen Gas Generators

PRISM Nitrogen Cryogenic Generators

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PRISM Nitrogen Cryogenic Generators HN Series

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PRISM Nitrogen Membranes

Download ()

PRISM Nitrogen PSA Generators

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PRISM Oxygen VSA Generators

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PRISM T-Series VSA Oxygen Generation Systems

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Producing Nitrogen via Pressure Swing Adsorption

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