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Industrial and Medical Gas Specifications (U.S.)

Purity 99.997%
Oxygen Less than 0.0005%
Dew Point Liquid Argon: -90ºF or lower

Helium – Gaseous
Purity Not less than 99.995%
Oxygen Not more than 0.0005%
Dew Point -90ºF or lower

Helium – Liquid
Purity Not less than 99.999%
Oxygen Not more than 0.0001%
Dew Point -105ºF or lower

Medical Helium – Gaseous – meets USP
Purity Not less than 99.0%
Air Not more than 1.0%
Carbon Monoxide Not more than 0.001%
Odor None

Hydrogen – Liquid
Purity 99.999%
Oxygen Less than 0.0002%
Dew Point Liquid Hydrogen: -105ºF or lower

Hydrogen – Gaseous
Purity 99.95%
Oxygen Less than 0.0005%
Dew Point Gaseous Hydrogen: -90ºF or lower

Nitrogen and trace inerts 99.998%
Oxygen Less than 0.001%
Dew Point Liquid Nitrogen: -90ºF or lower

Medical Nitrogen – meets Nitrogen NF
Nitrogen and trace inerts 99.0%
Oxygen Not more than 1.0%
Carbon Monoxide Less than 0.001%
Odor None

Purity 99.5%
Inerts Less than 0.5%
Dew Point Liquid Oxygen: -80ºF or lower

Medical Oxygen – meets Oxygen USP
Oxygen 99.0%
Odor None

Gas Facts

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