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At Air Products, conversations are the heart of our relationships. So when you hear us say "tell me more," it's our call to conversation . . . a conversation designed to share knowledge and understanding for mutual benefit.

This Resource Center is a way to share some of that knowledge. It's your resource to the latest, information about our industrial gas plant support activities including trade shows and other events, articles and publications, plus technical papers and case studies, and much more.

Articles & Publications (8)

Maximize your assets’ value with Air Products’ digital platform

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CPS Mentored Operation

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Operation and maintenance package

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Plant Performance Advisor (PPA)

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Pyrometer Temperature Measurement Corrections

Accurate measurement of the tube wall temperatures in steam methane reformers is important to ensure safety and increase reliability and efficiency of the SMR operation.

Air Products’ oxygen technology and services increase efficiencies and saves money for Southern Peru Copper Corporation (SPCC)

Solutions to challenges facing the hydrocarbon, petrochemical and transportation industries.

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Equipment and Services Literature (21)

Hydrogen Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Services and Solutions

Operation and maintenance services for industrial gas plants

Hydrogen Plant Assessment: A guide to improving and optimizing your operations

Download (417 KB)

Customer Plant Support – Hydrogen Plant Services, includes plant diagram depicting value-added services available to customers

Steam-Methane Reformer (SMR): Productivity Improvement Services and Solutions

Instrument rental, repair and calibration services

Process Gas Membrane Service

Process Gas Membrane Performance Evaluation

Plant Assessment: A guide to improving and optimizing your operations

Plant Assessment: A guide to improving and optimizing your operations-Chinese

Plant Assessment: A guide to improving and optimizing your operations-Spanish

Customer Plant Support- a checklist of services

Engineering, maintenance and operating services

Technical services package

Operator training on oxygen and nitrogen plants

Spare parts and inventory control

Air Products turbomachinery-Compressor loaded turbo expanders

Air Products turbomachinery-Spare turbo expander plug-in

Equipment and modifications

Services for air pretreatment

Control system upgrades and support

More Literature

Whitepapers (3)

Optimizing Oxygen Plant Performance—Improving production and reliability while reducing costs

Continuous improvement and de-bottlenecking of existing ASU Assets via front-end retrofits

Benefits of improved expander performance for cryogenic air seperation units

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