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Air Products’ Freshline® gases and equipment can be used for a range of freezing, chilling and packaging applications to process food and beverage products including meat and poultry, seafood, bakery, dairy and ice-cream, desserts, fruits and vegetables, snacks, ready meals and prepared foods. We can help you:
• Freeze or chill your products continuously or in batches
• Produce or coat IQF products with sauces
• Mix or form your products
• Extend the shelf-life of your products

Air Products acquires EPCO Carbon Dioxide Products

Oxyfuel technology yields significant savings for ladle preheaters

Oxy-fuel Technology

Yields significant savings for
ladle preheating

Oxy-fuel Systems for Batch Reheat Furnaces

Reduce cold startups, heating time and fuel consumption.

oxy-fuel systems

Inline Temperature Restoration While Rolling

Reduce edge/corner cracking and improve product quality.

Gas converter

Introducing Gas Converter mobile app (Apple® IOS)

Converts weight/volume measures for gases and LNG


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