Freshline QuickChill injector

The Freshline® QuickChillTM Injector lets you chill sauces, soups and dressings in minutes—increasing your production capacity 2-3 times

Chill all your sauce . . . in half the time.

Air Products’ Cryogenic QuickChill Injector utilizes ultracold liquid nitrogen to provide fast and efficient cooling of your liquid products. Sauces, soups, dressings, marinades, pie fillings, and purees can now be chilled in minutes instead of hours (Figure 1).

QuickChill hourglassThis new technology allows direct injection of liquid nitrogen into new or existing kettles or vessels and has the capability to double or even triple production. It also delivers the flexibility to speed up the chilling process where a mechanical system is slowing you down (Figure 2).

This unit comes in a standard model and ensures compliance with USDA cooling guidelines. If you’re interested in tracking and recording batch times and temperatures, we also offer a solution to remotely monitor, control, and track injector operation.

An Air Products Food Specialist will help to assess your production process and determine the best way to address the challenges you are facing. If the QuickChill Injector is right for you, they will help you choose the optimal configuration based on your chilling needs.

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  • Increase production up to 2-3x or more
  • Boost chilling capacity in new or existing systems
  • Minimal floor space required
  • Comply with USDA cooling guidelines
  • Utilizes liquid nitrogen efficiency
  • Design is simple and hygienic 
  • Capable of chilling many liquid products
  • Can be installed on new or existing kettles/vessels

QuickChill figures



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