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What is is a new way for Outside Service Providers to access Air Products resources using SSL-VPN technology.

What is SSL-VPN?

SSL-VPN stands for Secure Socket Layer-Virtual Private Networking. It is a new technology that allows Outside Service Providers who use non-Air Products owned computers to securely access Air Products resources.

After successfully connecting to, I do not see the Citrix application I need to use. How do I get access to it?

A specific Extranet Citrix application is only displayed if you have permission to access the application. If some or all of the available Citrix applications you need are missing, please contact your Air Products sponsor to review your access privileges.

After I log on, some of the applications display: “Your computer does not meet the security policy requirements of this application”. How do I fix this?

To access the applications published on, you need to have three pieces of software installed properly on your system. First, a current Anti-virus client (Symantec, McAfee, etc…) needs to be updated within the last 30 days and actively running on your computer. Second, the Air Products Client Components need to be successfully installed onto your computer. Last, your computer needs to have the Citrix Metaframe Presentation Client successfully installed if you are accessing Citrix applications. If any of these applications are not installed and running, the applications inside will not open properly.

If you suspect that the Air Products Client Components or Citrix Metaframe Presentation Client have not been installed properly, use Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel to remove the components and Citrix client. Reinstall the programs following the Air Products Client Configuration document.

If the Air Products components, Citrix Metaframe Presentation Client, and the anti-virus client appear to be working properly and you have a personal firewall enabled on your PC, try logging out of the website, closing your browser, disabling your firewall, and reconnecting to the extranet website. If you are now able to successfully access the extranet applications, there may be a problem with your personal firewall.

Why am I being prompted to save an .ica file when I try to access a Citrix application on

The Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server Client is most likely not installed or improperly installed on your PC. If it is installed, try removing the application using Add/Remove Programs. Try reinstalling the Citrix client following the Air Products Client Configuration document.

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