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What is is a new way to access resources on the APCI intranet using SSL-VPN technology. It provides access to most Air Products intranet websites and to all Citrix based applications through a web browser from any secure remote computer.

What is SSL-VPN?

SSL-VPN stands for Secure Socket Layer-Virtual Private Networking. It is a new technology that allows employees who use non-Air Products owned computers to access the Air Products intranet and Citrix platform using a web browser like Internet Explorer.

Why are some or all of the applications not available?

A specific application is only displayed if you have permission to access the application. If some or all of the available applications are missing, please contact the IT Support Center to have a Support Representative review your access privileges.

After opening the AP Citrix Services application on, I do not see the application I need to use. How do I get access to it?

A specific Citrix application is only displayed if you have permission to access the application. If some or all of the available Citrix applications you need are missing, please contact the IT Support Center to have a Support Representative review your access privileges.

After I log on, the application icon is grayed out with the message: “Your computer does not meet the security policy requirements of this application”. How do I fix this?

To access a majority of the applications published on, you need to have two pieces of software installed properly on your system. First, a current Anti-virus client (Symantec, McAfee, etc.) needs to be update within the last 30 days and actively running on your computer. Second, the Air Products Client Components need to be successfully installed onto your computer. If either of these applications is not installed and running, the applications inside will be displayed as grayed out. 

To verify that you have successfully installed the latest Air Products Client Components and your Anti-Virus client is installed and running, log into and click on the computer icon with “i” next to it on the toolbar (shown below).


This web page will provide information about the status of the components and operating system. Verify that sees that you have a valid Anti-Virus client installed and running. The webpage will display in red letters next to the Anti-Virus entry saying either Not Installed or Not Running if there is a problem with your Anti-virus client. Also verify that you have all of the required Air Products Client Components installed and running. Red Xs will appear next to Air Products Client Components if they are not installed properly.

client components

Client with Working Anti-virus and AP Client Components

If the Air Products Client Components are not installed properly, use Add/Remove Programs in the control panel to remove the components and try to reinstall them following the Air Products Client Configuration document.

If both the components and the anti-virus client appear to be working properly and you have a personal firewall enabled on your PC, try logging out of the website, closing your browser, disabling your firewall, and reconnecting to the website. If you are now able to successfully access the grayed out applications, there may be a problem with your personal firewall.

Why am I being prompted to save an .ica file when I try to access an application after opening the AP Citrix Services application on

The Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server Client is most likely not installed or improperly installed on your PC. If it is installed, try removing the application using Add/Remove Programs. Try reinstalling the Citrix client following the Air Products Client Configuration document.

When I access some websites inside of, my browser appears to hang or just display a blank page. What could be wrong?

This could be the result of a Pop-Up blocker. Certain applications such as Horizon and APDirect Buyer use pop-ups. Either add to your pop-up blocker’s permit list or temporarily disable the pop-up blocker during your session.

Why can I not access certain applications even after entering my credentials?

We try to make the experience as seamless as possible. Unfortunately, some applications may require you to enter your user credentials multiple times. If you are unable to access the application after repeated tries, first verify that you are entering your credentials in the proper format DOMAIN\USERID (ex. AMERICA\Smithdx). If you still cannot access an application after entering your user credentials, please contact the IT Support Center to have a Support Representative review your access privileges.

What do all of the buttons on the toolbar do?

The Task Bar contains several helpful shortcuts.


From left to right:

  1. Portal Homepage – This icon will return you to the initial Portal Homepage.
  2. Credentials Management (Key) – Use this icon to change your password.
  3. Launch Application Dropdown Menu – Use this dropdown menu to launch other applications without having to go through the Air Products Portal Homepage.
  4. Browse (Globe and Computer) – Use this icon to go directly to an intranet URL.
  5. System Information (Computer with the letter “i”) – Use this icon to see information on your computer’s Air Products component setup and security information. Excellent connectivity troubleshooting tool.
  6. Portal Activity – Detailed information about the SSL-VPN connection.
  7. Whale Client Components Installer – Link to download the Whale Client Components for Offline installation.
  8. Email – Send an email to the system administrator.
  9. Clock – Amount of time remaining before the SSL-VPN session will terminate.
  10. Logout – Use this icon to logoff of

I have been given a web address to look at, how do I open it up using

Opening a new web page using an address like “” is a little different than what you may be accustomed to. You won’t copy and paste an address line into the standard Address Field as you normally would on the Internet. Instead, to open a new web page from a full web address, follow these steps:

  1. In the SSL-VPN taskbar near the top of the page, click on the icon with a small computer and globe.
  2. Another window will appear where you can type in the web address you would like to visit:
    internal browsing application
  3. In the Address field, click to the right of “http://” and type your web address.
  4. Click the Go button and your web page will open.

I need to change my password. How do I do that?

If your password has expired or is about to expire, it will prompt you to change it. Also, you can change your password at any time by selecting the Key icon on the SSL-VPN toolbar and selecting Change Password.

Why do documents opened from MyAPShare open in Read-Only mode?

Unfortunately, the current Microsoft IAG appliance can open documents in Read-Write mode from one Sharepoint URL per portal. We chose to allow users to open documents in Read-Write mode from APShare instead of MyAPShare. We are working with Microsoft to ensure this functionality in a future release of the IAG platform.

Why do I receive the message “This page contains both secure and nonsecure items” when opening the Horizon application?

Due to the way the logon page is written, Internet Explorer 6 creates this warning message. After working closely with Microsoft, we have determined that all of the content on the login page is secure and the warning is caused by a hidden frame. Internet Explorer 7 does not experience this problem. You can click No to this message and still retain full functionality.

How will the migration from Sharepoint 2003 to Sharepoint 2007 affect my access to documents?

During the migration, you will be able to access either Sharepoint 2003 data or Sharepoint 2007 data directly from the Sharepoint icon on the portal page. Unfortunately, we can only configure one version of Sharepoint access at a time. During the migration, you will be able to access the version of Sharepoint that is not published on through the AP Citrix Services application on the Portal page. At the end of the migration, full access to APShare will be available.

Why do I receive the message “Page Not Found” when choosing the AP Portal link through the APOnline application?

Unfortunately, the current version of Microsoft Intelligent Application Gateway is not compatible with the SAP Portal application. SAP Portal and the SAP GUI are both available through the AP Citrix Services application on the Portal page.

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