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Showcasing Energy Transition Solutions at Gastech 2022

As the world leader in hydrogen, liquefied natural gas (LNG) technology, and other leading and proprietary technologies, Air Products has its finger on the pulse of the energy transition. We're a proud sponsor of Gastech Hydrogen.

Visit us at the 2022 Gastech Exhibition & Conference | Gastech Hydrogen
Milan, Italy, at 
Booth 13L21, September 5 - 8.

Our Core Products & Technologies at Gastech


Hydrogen megaprojects are tangible energy transition difference makers and showcase Air Products’ large project build-own-operate capabilities and excellence.

Liquefied Natural Gas

Air Products is at the forefront of existing and developing global LNG projects, and the majority of worldwide LNG today is produced with Air Products’ technology.

Membrane Solutions

Air Products’ Membrane Solutions play a key role in clean energy capabilities. We offer a full portfolio of Membrane Separators, Marine Systems and Engineered-to-Order Systems.


Rotoflow, the most trusted name in turbomachinery and an Air Products business, works with our LNG equipment and cycle experts to provide seamless product development and optimal liquefier performance.


Gastech Events Featuring Air Products

Air Products COO Dr. Samir J. Serhan 

Panel Title: "Hydrogen: From Concept to Reality"
Who: Chief Operating Officer Dr. Samir J. Serhan
Description: Dr. Samir J. Serhan will discuss hydrogen's key role in the energy transition as well as our Air Products' investment in generating a cleaner future.
Date: Tuesday, September 6
Time: 10:30 AM GMT+2

Panel Title:
 Liquefaction Design
Presentation by Chris Ott, Air Products Senior Process Engineering Associate
Presentation Title: Turning LNG Greener: LNG Liquefaction Using Electric Drive
Description: This paper discusses the benefits of using electric motors to power refrigerant compressors (vs. steam or gas turbines) in natural gas liquefaction.
Date: Tuesday, September 6
Time: 9 AM GMT+2


Panel Title: Carbon Footprint Reduction in Liquefaction
Presentation by Mark Roberts, Air Products Senior Research Associate
Presentation Title: Liquefaction of Natural Gas Feeds Containing Hydrogen
Description: This paper discusses the technical challenges of liquefying natural gas contains hydrogen. As many countries consider blending green H2 into natural gas pipelines, this paper answers many questions LNG plant owners have about the effect this will have on their production.
Date: Tuesday, September 6
Time: 11 AM GMT+2