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Air Products Introduces Integra® Cylinder Range to China’s Welding Industry

Innovative Features Enabling Easier, Safer and More Economical Welding Applications over Traditional Cylinders 

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With the implementation of “Made in China 2025” strategy by the Chinese government to upgrade the manufacturing sector, industry players are improving their core competitiveness and product quality, in which welding efficiency is a critical success factor. To answer the needs, world-leading industrial gases company Air Products introduced its innovative Integra® cylinder range in China at its welding customer seminar last week. 

“We are happy to introduce the Integra cylinder range in China. As a new member of Air Products’ product portfolio for metal fabrication, the state-of-the-art cylinder brings multiple benefits for easier, safer and more economical welding applications over traditional cylinders,” said Jessica Bi, Asia Product Manager, Industrial Gases, Air Products, at the seminar taking place in Guangzhou.

The Integra cylinder range incorporates unique features including built-in regulator, Integra flow optimizer, protective valve guard and snap-on connection. With the built-in regulator, customers can save money and time on purchasing and calibrating an external regulator, and solve problems such as pressure hazard, gas contamination, or installation failures. The flow optimizer helps avoid unnecessary gas consumption by providing stable and accurate flow rate, thus reducing the cost of shielding gases. The special protective valve guard and snap-on connection enable welders to change-over, handle and operate the cylinder more easily and safely. 

The Integra cylinder range is another solid proof of Air Products’ commitment to the sustainable development of China’s manufacturing industry with its world-class products and advanced gas application technologies, following the success of its differentiated Linx shielding gases and GastrakTM economizers. 

It is available for Linx shielding gases or traditional shielding gases such as Argon (Ar) and Ar/CO2 mixtures and is suitable for a wide range of welding metals from carbon and stainless steel to aluminum and alloys. 

Click here for more information about the Integra cylinder range (in Chinese).