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Ontario TRA

Air Products Canada Ltd. 
Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE)
O. Reg 455/09 - Toxics Reduction Act (TRA) 
Information Made Available to the Public

The Ontario MOE Toxics Reduction Act is aimed at preventing pollution and protecting human health and the environment by reducing the use and creation of toxic substances as well as informing Ontario residents about toxic substances. The TRA requires applicable facilities in Ontario to track, quantify and publicly report on toxic substances they use, make, release, dispose, transfer or may be contained in their products and to develop plans to reduce the use and creation of these substances. The Air Products Canada Ltd. Corunna, ON hydrogen facility, and the Nanticoke, ON air separation facility, were subject to the requirements of the Toxics Reduction Act. Information regarding these facilities, including our use of applicable toxic substances, can be found in the attached documents:

RY 2021 Annual Review

RY 2021 Corunna Hydrogen Facility TSR Plans
RY 2021 Nanticoke Air Separation Facility TSR Plans

CY 2020 Annual Review

CY2020 Corunna Hydrogen Facility TSR Plans 
CY2020 Nanticoke Air Separation Facility TSR Plans 

CY 2012 Plan Summary

CY2012 Corunna Hydrogen Production Facility
CY2012 Corunna TSR Plan Signature Page 
CY2012 Nanticoke Air Separation Facility 
CY2012 Nanticoke TSR Plan Signature Page 

CY 2011 Plan Summary

CY2011 Corunna Hydrogen Production Facility
CY2011 Corunna TSR Plan Signature Page 
CY2011 Nanticoke Air Separation Facility 
CY2011 Nanticoke TSR Plan Signature Page